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Lutheran Pioneers

Lutheran Girl Pioneers and Lutheran Boy Pioneers 





§         IN KNOWLEDGE

§         IN SKILL



§         IN FAITH


All children grades 1-8 are welcome to be Lutheran Pioneers! 

Lutheran Boy Pioneers Train #154 and Lutheran Girl Pioneers Caravan #128 meet at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church on the first Tuesday of each month (September-May) at 6:30pm. Special activities that promote new experiences and adventures (canoeing, camping etc) are scheduled year-round.


The Lutheran Pioneer Prayer 

Jesus, help our eyes to see

Our salvation earned by Thee.


Jesus, help our ears to hear

Calls for help from far and near.


Jesus, help our feet to go

In the way that Thou wilt show.


Jesus, help our hands to do

All things loving, kind and true.


Jesus, may we helpful be,

Growing every day like Thee.



Lutheran Girl Pioneer Mission 


As an organization founded to keep our girls "Loyal to Christ", Lutheran Girl Pioneers (LGP) shall strive to develop in each member her potential for leadership through personal interaction skills with others and promote service to the Lord and to the world around her. This will be accomplished through worship, evangelism, education, citizenship and recreational activities, all centered in God's Word and consistent with the doctrine of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod or of a Lutheran Church in doctrinal fellowship with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.


Lutheran Boy Pioneer Mission 


To achieve our mission, Lutheran Boy Pioneers (LP) provides a ministry under the direction of the Pastor and congregation that:


§         Is of interest to the adolescent youth.


§         Teaches useful skills for living in God's world.


§         Develops a knowledge of God's creation.


§         Develops Christian leadership skills.


§         Encourages fellowship with Christians.


§         Encourages serving our Lord by serving our fellow man in our church and community.

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